Baby teeth brushing

First teeth should be properly look after because of the risk of the appearance of tooth decay. Here are practical tips on how to properly nurture a baby’s milk teeth.

Take care of proper eating habits of your children. Give a toddler food with low sugar content. Do not teach them to eat sweets. Before going to sleep or when waking up in the night, do not give your child sugary drinks, please suggest water instead. Water will quench thirst better than any other drink. Pay attention to the composition of toothpaste, which you use. Use particular toothpaste with mild odor and taste. Paste for infants should be fine to use, should contain gentle silica cleaning gel with a low coefficient of enamel abrasion (information on the package RDA = about 25), and a high xylitol content, inhibiting the growth of bacteria. There should  not be: menthol, fluorine, colorants and preservatives. An example of such a paste is nenedent-baby.  It contains fluorine, and does not require rinsing from the mouth.

Please clean teeth together with your baby regularly, twice, three times a day. When washing  baby’s teeth can tell stories or play relaxing melodies, so that he or she had the pleasant associations connected with this activity.Baby teeth brushing

This entry was posted on Wednesday, June 20th, 2012.