What to do when our teenage child is lying to us?

First  explore is it  surely lie, take control of emotions, do not punish, do not yell. Talk. But do not ignore the lies, because soon you will know nothing about your child.
First of all, you need to make sure that it actually lies. If we accuse them incorrectly, they can fall into the belief that it is not worth to be honest and will lie in defiance, for sport, for the challenge.
If we know that the child lied – you have to examine his motives and approach it methodically, in any way – aggressively.
Do not treat the child’s lies as our educational failures. Sometimes he or she is lying because wants us prevent from disappointment, difficult negotiations and nerves. Paradoxically –  they care about our comfort.
Lie of a  teenager is usually a defense against punishment from unreasonable act. It may be a defense against criticism or a form of attention-seeking. It can also be used as forcing a decision. Child do not believe in our tolerance, acceptance and understanding. This is a novelty – when the child was younger, his hierarchy of values ​​is the same as the parent. Now on the values ​​of a teenager a group of peers has a great influence.


This entry was posted on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012.