What to do when child is wetting bed at night

Each of us are anxious for our babies to get them healthy and developing normally. With joy we see as our baby gets to know the world and is learning new things. With pride and relief we take the fact that our child begins to control their physiological needs. Meanwhile, much of the kids has a problem with it especially at night.The time when children go to bed-wetting phase is the period of intensive development. Mishandled approaching towards such case and leaving children without adequate support of parents and caregivers can permanently reduce their self-esteem. Children whom nocturnal accidents happens, mostly are avoiding travels when they need to sleep in a non familiar places. They become more ashamed and less confident after such nights. Pee in bed in a strange house or on a trip, it’s a exceptionally high shame. Forgo trips to the camps or colonies. They lose opportunities to see some interesting things, the chance to explore new places and to meet new friends.It is therefore important for adults to calmly approach to the problem. The task is to explain to the child, why she or he sometimes wet the bed, and that there is nothing to worry about.

wetting bed


This entry was posted on Friday, March 30th, 2012.