Why to use tetra diapers instead of Pampers

With my first child I was using Pampers diapers, they are easy to use, and you don’t have to wash them just put into the garbage. After my Jimmy grown up a little bit I have tried to use tetra diapers. I’ve heard that pampers are synthetic and may cause a chafe or a scorch. It was a truth. One day I’ve discovered that my baby have some red marks on his legs. I bought couple of tetra diapers and start to use them. Since then my little flower have had no problems with legs, there were no signs of any allergy at all. Jimmy is now 2 and we use Pampers only when we go for a walk or visiting our friends but when we are in home we are using tetra diapers. They say that it is too much problem with doing a laundry and staff but it is no so bad. I got maybe 20 diapers and wash them once a week it is only 2 hours when washing machine is running, then short visit in a dryer and it’s done. I’m not ironing them just folding and it is enough. What is also important for me is eco approach. I think eco and I live eco all kinds of synthetic diapers need years to disappear from environment and the tetra ones are ecological.

This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011.