Why should we carry our children in slings

I bought this sling about month ago. I wasn’t sure is it a good thing but Sling turns fantastic. I cannot image me not using this woven wrap for carrying my child anymore. Cynthia is 11 moths old and she loves it. She is always near me. Even my husband Tim loved to use id for carrying Cynth. Every time I am wrapping her she gives me huge smile and I can see that she is calming down. I think it is that because she can hear and feel my heart is beating. During pregnancy when she was so close to my heart she learned to recognize this sound and now it makes feel her save. For me sling is perfect solution it is so practical I can be with my child and in the same time a can do something else like preparing meal for her or for myself. Lets take shop for example I can pick everything I want and put it into a basket I have no problem with dragging a basket in one hand and pushing the pram in other hand. Carrying shopping bags is not a problem any more for me. Ladies if you hesitate do not do this you will love it it`s graet.

This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011.