Advantages of breastfeeding

Advantages of breastfeeding for me are obvious. Mothers’ milk is the best food for a child there is no substitute for it. Of course you can buy many artificial products that trying to pretend to be as good as mothers milk but it is not the same thing. I don’t say that they are bad or something… just known that if only you can feed your baby with your own breast do it… Mother’s milk is a mix of all nutrients your baby need and it is perfectly balanced. You can say that your milk is prepared by your body especially for your child. Doctors all over the world says that it is the best for the child and for the mother because you are so close together during this time… you can feel your jewel and he or she can feel you, your worm your smell even I believe your taste and also can hear how your heart is beating . Sure that on the beginning your nipples are sore but with time they get become, let say resistant. And believe me after few months of such training your husband will appreciate outcome of such training if you know what I mean;) so If only have such opportunity don’t resign it.

This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 4th, 2011.