Baby teeth brushing

First teeth should be properly look after because of the risk of the appearance of tooth decay. Here are practical tips on how to properly nurture a baby’s milk teeth.

Take care of proper eating habits of your children. Give a toddler food with low sugar content. Do not teach them to eat sweets. Before going to sleep or when waking up in the night, do not give your child sugary drinks, please suggest water instead. Water will quench thirst better than any other drink. Pay attention to the composition of toothpaste, which you use. Use particular toothpaste with mild odor and taste. Paste for infants should be fine to use, should contain gentle silica cleaning gel with a low coefficient of enamel abrasion (information on the package RDA = about 25), and a high xylitol content, inhibiting the growth of bacteria. There should  not be: menthol, fluorine, colorants and preservatives. An example of such a paste is nenedent-baby.  It contains fluorine, and does not require rinsing from the mouth.

Please clean teeth together with your baby regularly, twice, three times a day. When washing  baby’s teeth can tell stories or play relaxing melodies, so that he or she had the pleasant associations connected with this activity.Baby teeth brushing

What to do when our teenage child is lying to us?

First  explore is it  surely lie, take control of emotions, do not punish, do not yell. Talk. But do not ignore the lies, because soon you will know nothing about your child.
First of all, you need to make sure that it actually lies. If we accuse them incorrectly, they can fall into the belief that it is not worth to be honest and will lie in defiance, for sport, for the challenge.
If we know that the child lied – you have to examine his motives and approach it methodically, in any way – aggressively.
Do not treat the child’s lies as our educational failures. Sometimes he or she is lying because wants us prevent from disappointment, difficult negotiations and nerves. Paradoxically –  they care about our comfort.
Lie of a  teenager is usually a defense against punishment from unreasonable act. It may be a defense against criticism or a form of attention-seeking. It can also be used as forcing a decision. Child do not believe in our tolerance, acceptance and understanding. This is a novelty – when the child was younger, his hierarchy of values ​​is the same as the parent. Now on the values ​​of a teenager a group of peers has a great influence.


What to do when child is wetting bed at night

Each of us are anxious for our babies to get them healthy and developing normally. With joy we see as our baby gets to know the world and is learning new things. With pride and relief we take the fact that our child begins to control their physiological needs. Meanwhile, much of the kids has a problem with it especially at night.The time when children go to bed-wetting phase is the period of intensive development. Mishandled approaching towards such case and leaving children without adequate support of parents and caregivers can permanently reduce their self-esteem. Children whom nocturnal accidents happens, mostly are avoiding travels when they need to sleep in a non familiar places. They become more ashamed and less confident after such nights. Pee in bed in a strange house or on a trip, it’s a exceptionally high shame. Forgo trips to the camps or colonies. They lose opportunities to see some interesting things, the chance to explore new places and to meet new friends.It is therefore important for adults to calmly approach to the problem. The task is to explain to the child, why she or he sometimes wet the bed, and that there is nothing to worry about.

wetting bed


Why to use tetra diapers instead of Pampers

With my first child I was using Pampers diapers, they are easy to use, and you don’t have to wash them just put into the garbage. After my Jimmy grown up a little bit I have tried to use tetra diapers. I’ve heard that pampers are synthetic and may cause a chafe or a scorch. It was a truth. One day I’ve discovered that my baby have some red marks on his legs. I bought couple of tetra diapers and start to use them. Since then my little flower have had no problems with legs, there were no signs of any allergy at all. Jimmy is now 2 and we use Pampers only when we go for a walk or visiting our friends but when we are in home we are using tetra diapers. They say that it is too much problem with doing a laundry and staff but it is no so bad. I got maybe 20 diapers and wash them once a week it is only 2 hours when washing machine is running, then short visit in a dryer and it’s done. I’m not ironing them just folding and it is enough. What is also important for me is eco approach. I think eco and I live eco all kinds of synthetic diapers need years to disappear from environment and the tetra ones are ecological.

Why should we carry our children in slings

I bought this sling about month ago. I wasn’t sure is it a good thing but Sling turns fantastic. I cannot image me not using this woven wrap for carrying my child anymore. Cynthia is 11 moths old and she loves it. She is always near me. Even my husband Tim loved to use id for carrying Cynth. Every time I am wrapping her she gives me huge smile and I can see that she is calming down. I think it is that because she can hear and feel my heart is beating. During pregnancy when she was so close to my heart she learned to recognize this sound and now it makes feel her save. For me sling is perfect solution it is so practical I can be with my child and in the same time a can do something else like preparing meal for her or for myself. Lets take shop for example I can pick everything I want and put it into a basket I have no problem with dragging a basket in one hand and pushing the pram in other hand. Carrying shopping bags is not a problem any more for me. Ladies if you hesitate do not do this you will love it it`s graet.

Advantages of breastfeeding

Advantages of breastfeeding for me are obvious. Mothers’ milk is the best food for a child there is no substitute for it. Of course you can buy many artificial products that trying to pretend to be as good as mothers milk but it is not the same thing. I don’t say that they are bad or something… just known that if only you can feed your baby with your own breast do it… Mother’s milk is a mix of all nutrients your baby need and it is perfectly balanced. You can say that your milk is prepared by your body especially for your child. Doctors all over the world says that it is the best for the child and for the mother because you are so close together during this time… you can feel your jewel and he or she can feel you, your worm your smell even I believe your taste and also can hear how your heart is beating . Sure that on the beginning your nipples are sore but with time they get become, let say resistant. And believe me after few months of such training your husband will appreciate outcome of such training if you know what I mean;) so If only have such opportunity don’t resign it.